How can we have fun with the kids?
So often we become the drill sergeant as we raise our children day to day.

Remember the joys of being a kid yourself.
Set time aside to just play together.

Plan a “Stay-Cation”
Have a great time home with your kids . . .  but not home. 

Choose a theme, like a tour of the town and local area. Plan different activities for each day. Go to a local museum, a drive-in movie, historical walking tour, window shop, hiking, pool, zoo, eat at a restaurant or two . . .

It’s all in how you present it.

Order room service (eat in the living room)
Go to the water park (a day a the pool or set one up in your yard)
Go out for snacks (grocery shopping)
Souvenir shopping (give each child a couple of dollars and chose something from the dollar store)
Sleep in a hotel room (camp out in the living room)

A key to making this “Stay-Cation” fun is breaking with your daily activities.  No computer, work, phone calls (limited at least). This is family-only time. Get together with your playgroups and all the other hustle and bustle next week.

Have fun and change it up to fit your family. Have a different theme each day.  Have your food fit your theme. Eat out one meal each day. Go to a real hotel for an overnight stay and swim in the pool. Options are limitless. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to: HAVE FUN!


Fun is good. -Dr. Seuss